KIK For PC App Download For Windows Computer 10/8/7

KIK for PC is the best app to make quality video calls at no cost. You can send unlimited pictures, videos, and any other kind of portable media using KIK messenger. There are no limitations whatsoever when it comes to chatting with your nearest and dearest. Aside from sending text messages, you can throw and receive media files like images, videos, and other similar things.

kik on PC

KIK for PC application is not officially available for Windows 8.1/8/10/7/XP or Mac computer. But in this article, we will provide the detailed way for installing. Kik for Computer is one of the familiar and fantastic apps which send the messages at one go. It consists of those exhaustive elements which none of the other apps had. Well, let’s have a look at KIK App’s features:

Kik For PC Features

Media Sharing: This feature tells that when we used to chat then, you can easily share videos, photos, and audios.

Group Chat: Kik on PC also provides the option for group chat. It means instead of sending single messages many times; one can circulate that message once in a group.

Notifications: In this feature of KIK App, you will be notified of the sent and received messages. GarageBand for Windows is a gift for music lovers. Check out this app and enjoy its richness.

Social Integration: Basically in this feature, you can share the audios, videos, and photos to other platforms also such as Instagram, Social Cam etc.

Set your Status: You can also set the status with lots of smileys accordingly with the help of this fantastic Kik for PC app.

Invite and Online Friends: In this case, you can easily invite friends, relatives, neighbors or anyone in the world to chat. Also, you can easily see the online status while chatting.

KIK Usernames: Kik usernames is really an awesome feature of KIK app. You can set up your own username and chat with those who are not on your friend’s list.

KIK for PC

Download KIK for PC Windows 7/8/10

As I mentioned earlier, we will be using Android as the Android emulator to install KIK on PC, because we can get any functionality of KIK by doing so.

Step 1: At first you need to download the Android Emulator which is Android here. For that, you need to go to the official website of Android i.e.

Step 2: There will be a download option visible on the website, mostly in the middle of the page. Click on that Download button.

Step 3: After downloading, the file for Android will be stored on your PC.

Step 4: Now click on the Android icon on your desktop, to start the installation of this android emulator.

Step 5: After the installation process starts, various sections will appear, one after another, you just have to keep confirming every part.

Step 6: As soon as the installation process is completed, then the screen identical to Android one, will appear. Now click on play store icon.

Step 7: Now search KIK for PC app and download it. Here, I think you should check Facetime For PC app. It is really a good app for making genuine high-quality video calls.

KIK for Windows

Step 8: And as the installation of the application completes, you will be able to use KIK Messenger on PC. You should check out iMessage on PC for the simple yet best texting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Kik for PC free to use?

Kik app is an entirely free to download and install. You don’t need to pay any premium fee to get it on your device. However, remember that Kik uses the data services to send and receive messages. You might be charged for data depending on the internet plan you are using.

Kik can be used with both cellular data and Wi-Fi. It is advisable to contact your internet service provider to find out your data usage limit. You can send text, photos, videos and documents using Kik. Photos and Videos usually consume more data than another type of files.

Q2: What are Public Groups on Kik for PC?

KIK for Windows public Groups allows you to meet people and create friends who share the interests with you. For instance, if you want to talk about the recently released Logan movie, you can create a group with that name. Or, you can search for a group with #Logan.

Anyone can search the public group, and anyone can join it as well if there is the room available. If you want to control who joins the team, you will need to create the Private Group. You are allowed to develop no more than three Public Groups in 24 hours.

Kik Messenger for PC

Q3: How can I send Smileys to Kik for PC?

Smileys are a great way to express your feelings without having to type anything. Whether you are using Android or iOS, select the chat from the chat list in which you wish to send the smiley. Now, you will see a smiling icon J just below the section ‘Type a message’.

KIK for PC is best when it comes to using Smileys. You can select the desired smiley from here and tap ‘Send’. Smileys that are sent along with text appear smaller as compared to Smileys posted without texts.

Q4: How can I change my Kik on PC login password?

Changing your Kik for PC Login password is very easy. First of all, make sure that you have the latest version of Kik on your device. You can download it from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store depending on the device you are using.

If you are using an iOS device, follow this: Go to Settings >> Your Account >> Change Password. Now enter your existing password and tap ‘Next’. Now type in the New Password and tap ‘Save’

If you have Android, this is what you need to do: Go to Settings >> Your Account >> Change Password. Now enter your existing password and the new password on the same screen and press ‘OK’ button.

Q5: Can other users see my phone number and email address?

No! They will not be able to see your phone number or email address. They can’t even look at your birthday. Kik for PC is different from the other message apps in the way it connects you to the other users. Instead of using your personal information for this purpose, it uses the username that you created at the time of registration. Kik for PC maintains complete privacy of your personal information.

Q6: Is it possible to reset my password if I have forgotten my email address?

You can reset the password only if you have access to the registered email address on your Kik for PC account. However, if you have forgotten which email address you used to register, there is still away. You need to visit the website for password reset

Now, try to enter all the email addresses you have on this site. Once you have picked the right email address on file, you will receive the success message. If you are having trouble logging in to your email, please contact the email provider.

Q7: Is it possible to save the Kik for PC Messages?

Alternatively, you can use the screenshot feature of your device to record the chat history in the picture format.

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How to Deactivate/Delete Kik Account?

  • At first, log in with the email ID that you have used to sign up.
  • Then go to settings menu. Just tap on your account and click on Reset Kik.
  • Now, enter the password and ID of Kik account.
  • After this step, it will give you the link to deactivate the account altogether.
  • At this point, you can quickly delete or deactivate KIK account.

Now you know that KIK for PC is full of features and you should use it on your PC. There are many topics that are still not covered in this article. So stay tuned and you will get more interesting articles about KIK Messenger.

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